Shy senior Seal’s selfie with his new mom

We are beyond ecstatic about 11-year-old Seal’s adoption, which happened on Thursday. His new mom, Rowena, sent this photo last night with the following note: “I am not good with selfies but thought you might be amused to know that Seal has decided to sleep and cuddle with me.” If you don’t know Seal, you should know this is huge.

Seal was one of several adult and senior cats who came to us last year after their guardian, a local animal rescuer, passed away suddenly. He’s the last of the seniors to find a home. Seal is shy and he takes a while (usually several visits) to warm up to people, but once he does, he is very loving. He almost always makes a sad face or turns away when the camera comes, which doesn’t help attracting adopters. When Rowena came to meet him, Seal actually jumped down from his shelf to greet her. We knew it was meant to be.

You never know exactly how things are going to work out once a senior kitty gets adopted, but it looks like Seal is not looking back.