Spay & Neuter

Act Now

An estimated 17 million Americans feed stray or unowned cats every day. In our community, hundreds of these cats are trying to fend for themselves in city alleyways, behind restaurants, in warehouses and parks, under office buildings, and in residential neighborhoods everywhere. But, there are also hundreds of kind people like you trying to help them.

The best way to do this and gradually reduce their numbers is to trap-neuter-return (TNR) the feral adults and to socialize and find homes for the kittens and tame adult cats. You can plan and prepare for this using resources provided on ICRA’s website at For obvious reasons, it is essential to act now and not wait until one or two feral or stray cats quickly become 5, 10, or 20! We can assist you with step by step instructions, humane trap loans, and referrals to low cost or free spay-neuter programs in the local community.