Henry rescued from death’s door

Henry was not feeling so hot when we pulled him off the streets in late August. In fact, he might not have made it if we had found him a few days later. He was filthy, anemic from a severe flea infestation, had an abscess draining from his cheek, and a mouth full of painfully infected teeth. He had dental fistulas, small tunnels connecting his upper jaw to the cavities above, and the infection was draining out his eye. The poor boy weighed under 7 pounds.

He didn’t look good, but that didn’t stop him from being a lovely, affectionate boy from the start. Henry is a people kitty, and he seeks out attention frequently, posing his front paws on your knee to give you convenient access to his chin for scratches.

The before photo shows Henry at the vet the day he was rescued. The after photo was taken after a few weeks of recovery and weight gain (he’s up to 9 pounds!) back in his foster home. He had dental surgery last week, so he’s well on the road to recovery.

We think Henry is middle aged, but it’s hard to say when a cat comes to us in such bad condition. He’s feeling much better now, and his bloodwork is all clear, so he’ll be ready for a home of his own soon. We think he’ll be looking even better in the months to come as his healthy new coat grows in and he plumps up some more.

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