Finding the perfect home for a difficult foster cat

Sylvester, affectionately known as Sly by our volunteers, was not an easy foster cat to place. Exuberant and affectionate, he could also turn quickly and was known for being “mouthy.” Approach him on the cat tree, and he’d climb right onto your shoulder for a hug, but it was safest to not let him too close to your face. Kneel down near him, he’d be on your lap within seconds, and he’d give a whack to any other cats that tried to divert your attention from petting him. He could be a bully with other male cats, so the tension was always high in his foster home of several cats. Keeping peace was a delicate balance.

Sharing space with other cats started to take it’s toll on his health. Recently, when his grooming suffered and he began to have urinary problems, we tried moving him to a space with fewer roommates. What a difference a change of venue can make! Still affectionate as ever, Sly gave up many of his naughty habits and his health improved.

Gibson with pups

We always knew this handsome Maine Coon mix with his long ruff and ridiculous toe tufts had the potential to be a loving companion in the right home. Now, he was ready to show that to potential adopters.

Sly went to his new home earlier this month, where he reigns over three large dogs and one human. We all crossed our fingers and held our breath, and the updates have been a delight! Now known as Gibson, he hangs out on his very own cat tree, cuddles with his mom, and sleeps on the bed (even when the dogs are there!).

Gibson spent more than two years in foster care, and they were not easy times, but adoptions like this make it all worthwhile.