Snowshoe / Siamese / Mixed (short coat)
Adult Male (neutered)
  • Good with Cats
  • House Trained
  • Neutered
  • Birth date: 1/1/2014 (not exact)
  • Color: Chocolate (Mostly)
While living outdoors, Zeus ruled his cat colony with a bit of an iron paw. Now that's he's indoors, he's become much more of a ruler of the sofa, a cat bed or a lap. He has the big, round Tomcat head that comes from having gone most of his life without being neutered. Zeus had an injury and needed time to heal. Who would have thought he would have turned out to be a sweet, loving cat who was really happy to live with humans?

He loves to sit in a lap, enjoys pets and head scratches, and eventually shares his purr, although he takes his time doing so, and it's a tiny, quiet purr, one that you feel more than hear. He is also a bit of a pushover for a belly rub.

Zeus has finally found his playful side and is playing with other cats – chasing, gentle wrestling and snuggling up for a lap. He loves a good scratch on his cardboard box.
Zeus will start out shy, but once settled into a new home he will spend more time out and about with practice until he is quite outgoing and comfy. He is fostered with Emerson and they get along well, including grooming time together. We estimate he was born in 2014. Bio# 4038 GJ
If you are interested in adopting Zeus, Emerson, or another cat, please fill out our adoption questionnaire at https://icraeastbay.org/adopt/how-to/.


Pet ID # 4038 GJ