Dilute Calico / Mixed (short coat)
Young Female (spayed)
  • House Trained
  • Spayed
  • Birth date: 10/1/2019 (not exact)
  • Color: Calico or Dilute Calico

At first, Pickles may come across as timid and reserved. But, soon you’ll see the curious and silly side of her. Pickles is a very low-maintenance cat who enjoys playing with balls, plushies, and feathers while she entertains herself and enjoys her own company. She is fascinated by the world around her and can spend hours watching birds outside or even her own reflection in the water fountain. Her hobbies include sunbathing and galloping around the house with her plushie toys.

Pickles will occasionally pop by for a head rub but largely prefers not to be approached because it makes her nervous. She is generally most affectionate when waking from a nap and relaxed. She’s spooked by sudden movements and noises. Pickles needs to be a solo pet where she can blossom with your patience and gentle encouragement as she gains confidence. She's a warm and loving cat who needs a patient and quiet home to bring out her playful and sweet personality. We estimate she was born in October of 2019. Bio# 4155 RC

If you are interested in adopting Pickles, or another cat, please fill out our adoption questionnaire at icraeastbay.org/adopt/how-to/.


Pet ID # 4155 RC