Domestic Short Hair / Mixed (short coat)
Young Male (neutered)
  • Good with Cats
  • House Trained
  • Neutered
  • Birth date: 4/15/2020 (not exact)
  • Color: Black (Mostly)

Nyx is a silky black house panther with striking amber eyes. Nyx is a very shy but active and curious kitty. When he's not chasing around with one of the resident cats, he's chasing after ball toys. One of his favorite spots is atop the cat tree next to the window where he can gaze out at the world or catch some sun while he naps. His absolute favorite time of the day is feeding time and he will dart once he hears the kibble dispenser going off or a can of wet food being opened. This boy especially loves his wet food and he will cry/beg until he gets served.

Nyx is very skittish and startles easily. He gets very nervous around new people and/or environments and it takes work to get him to let his guard down. When he does learn to relax a bit, he is actually quite sweet and will even purr when he gets rubs and scratches. Because he is so skittish, Nyx would do best in a calm home with no children, with someone experienced that is patient and willing to work with him but also accepting of the fact that Nyx is probably always going to be shy and not a very cuddly cat.

Though he is on the timid side with people, Nyx seems to bond much better with other cats. He has no issues with any of the resident cats in his foster home, regularly plays with all of them and often follows their lead. However, Nyx did not seem to get along with a high energy cat at a previous home. As such, it seems like Nyx could potentially go to a home with an existing calm and accepting cat(s) with a proper introduction. He would probably not do well with dogs. 

All in all, Nyx is a really sweet, kind boy. It just takes time, patience and love to get him to show it. Please consider giving him a chance at finally finding his forever home.

Please consider giving sweet Nyx a home! We estimate he was born around April 15, 2020. Bio# MMa2284-Nyx

If you're interested in adopting Nyx, please fill out our adoption questionnaire at icraeastbay.org/adopt/how-to/.

Available for Adoption

Pet ID # MMa2284-Nyx