Tabby / Mixed
All cats are listed as spayed/neutered, even if they currently are not, since they will be fixed before leaving the shelter.
  • Good with Cats
  • House Trained
  • Birth date: 10/1/2019 (not exact)

Momo*Star and Luna are wonderful sister siblings who need to be adopted together.

Momo*Star has a beautiful coat and white belly that she will gladly show you for pets. She is playful and a bit bossy and vocal. She will ask you to play with her and bring her favorite toy. She can be a bit slow to warm up to strangers, but once she gets to know you she loves human attention. Luna is slightly more playful, brave, and curious and is more comfortable with strangers. Both of them love being petted and have soft silky fur and gorgeous green eyes.

They enjoy being pet all over and purr like crazy with the slightest touch from you. They love attention, especially around meal times–but are also fairly self-sufficient and are happy to entertain themselves-until you invite them for a petting or playing session. They really get attached to their person and will follow them from room to room and wait patiently for love.

They are comfortable being picked up and moved but can be a little impatient while being held–they would rather be curled up together in a chair by the window. Luna has climbed into a lap for a nap a few times so she’s gaining courage. With time they will both likely enjoy being held and turn into lap kitties when they feel safe with you.

For now, they are more content winding in and out of your legs and rolling over on their backs for full body massages. They are both very sweet, playful, and ultra chatty. Anyone would be lucky to have these lovely ladies join their household.

They are tidy and good at using their litter boxes. Both of them love to scratch kitty posts and cardboard scratchers and enjoy climbing their cat tree to look out the window. We estimate they were born around October 1, 2019. Bio# 4150D SS

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Pet ID # 4150D SS