Tabby / Mixed (short coat)
Female (spayed)
  • Good with Cats
  • Good with Dogs
  • Good with Children
  • House Trained
  • Spayed
  • Birth date: 10/1/2018 (not exact)
  • Color: Brown Tabby

Maybe you just can't deal with a large cat crushing you while you sleep or eating you out of house and home. Maybe you are considering a move to a tiny house and want the perfect tiny companion. Maybe you don't need any super sizing in your life. If so, then Millicent may be the cat for you. She is a teeny little thing. Even her name can be made smaller, and you can just call her Millie if you like. Outside, she had at least one litter of kittens that we know of. Those kittens were born when Millie was just a kitten herself, which explains her super small size. Millie had to use all her energy to grow those kittens and there just wasn't enough left over to help her grow to full size. But don't worry, she's packed a full personality and an extra dose of sweetness into her petite frame. She is a lover of laps and neck scratches, has an enthusiastic purr and doesn't let the bigger cats in her foster home get her down or push her around.

She likes some babying herself now that her mama days are behind her and will let you cradle her while you pet her. Once she knows you're her person, she'll run to greet you, tail straight up, just as excited each and every time. When the rescuer of Millie's kittens contacted us to help get her spayed, she had a bad eye infection and was at risk of losing her eye if she was returned to her outdoor home. She very quickly showed us that the streets are no place for a petite girl such as herself and she had a strong preference for indoors. Millie enjoys other cats, but could also be a solo cat. She may be fine with a calm dog. She will be fine with calm children over the age of ten. We estimate she was born in October of 2018. Bio# 4065 GJ

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Pet ID # 4065 GJ