Maine Coon / Norwegian Forest Cat / Mixed (long coat)
Male (neutered)
  • House Trained
  • Neutered
  • Birth date: 6/1/2011 (not exact)
  • Color: Orange and White

Lion is not as fierce as his name, but you can tell by looking at him that while living alone on the streets life was a jungle and he wasn't always king. He carries the scars. Lion’s history is full of adventure and narrow escapes. Somewhere along the way, Lion lost his meow so his voice is just a scratchy sound. He’s adorable. When he was rescued, he purred and rubbed his head lovingly on everything. Clearly, Lion had a person at some point and never lost trust in or a desire to be near humans. It took some time to heal, but he has and is a survivor. He kept being his wonderful self until some help arrived.

Lion will do best as a solo pet so that's what he needs in his home. He loves lap time and cardboard scratchers. Lion can get overstimulated when his person is giving him the attention he craves, especially when they stop and move away suddenly. He tends to nip, so a home without children or dogs is what he needs. He is adjusting to regular human attention and tends to always want more. He's already made some improvements in his tendency to grab his person when they stop petting him and we are hopeful this will continue. An experienced cat person who is familiar with feline over-stimulation is best for him.

Don't be fooled by his age, he can leap high in the air when playing. Lion is FIV+. FIV+ cats can live a normal lifespan when in the care of humans. We estimate he was born in 2011. Bio# 4067 GJ

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Pet ID # 4067 GJ