Domestic Medium Hair / Mixed (medium coat)
Baby Female (spayed)
  • Good with Cats
  • House Trained
  • Spayed
  • Birth date: 4/7/2021 (not exact)
  • Color: Black and White

I don't want to appear ungrateful.  I heard there was a very good chance I was going to be born outside before these really nice people rescued my mom (and me, by default since I hadn't yet been born).  So, my gratitude far exceeds my very small size.  But, I'm feeling just a bit left out.  I was the last one born, the last one big enough to be spayed and now the last one of my siblings to find a forever home.  Don't get me wrong, I love hanging out with my mom, Cassidy or my brother Colby, and if you're in the market for two cats we'd be great together, but what I really want is a place to settle in, find the sunny spots, sleep with my person and make the most of my kittenhood before I settle into the more serious business of adult catting.  Don't let my small size fool you, I have personality to spare and will share every bit of it with my person.  Joey will probably be fine with calm kids. She was born on April 7th. 

Bio # 7213-DR-DD


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Pet ID # 7213-DR-DD