Tabby / Mixed (short coat)
Baby Male (neutered)
  • Good with Cats
  • House Trained
  • Neutered
  • Birth date: 3/15/2024 (not exact)
  • Color: Orange and White

Jaime takes a while to warm up to new people and feel confident in his surroundings, but beneath that shy exterior lies a curious and playful kitten. He’s a very handsome kitty with his deep orange coat with marble markings. Once he gets to know you, he loves to sit by your side and keep an eye on everything you’re doing. One thing he is not shy about is playtime – he can’t resist a good toy and will impress you with his acrobatic leaps! He’s got that orange cat energy and will keep you entertained with his silly antics and quirky vocalizations. When he’s not busy fighting with his own reflection, you can find him cuddling with his sister Claire or watching birds outside the window.

Given time and a nurturing environment, Jaime will become more confident like his sister. Jaime is very bonded with Claire, and they would love to be adopted together! We estimate Jaime was born in early March 2024. Kitty Bio #2871JP-JA

If you're interested in adopting this or another of our cats, please fill out our adoption questionnaire at https://icraeastbay.org/adopt/how-to/.


Pet ID # 2871JP-JA