Brixie doesn’t let a broken leg get her down

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Brixie is pretty amazing. This little girl was likely in a lot of pain, but that didn’t stop her from being sweet, playful, and all around delightful. You see, she was dropped on the porch of a neighborhood animal lover in San Leandro last Wednesday. The family wanted to help her, but humans with allergies and multiple dogs made that unfeasible, so they reached out to us.

We picked her up and got her to the vet on Monday, where X-rays showed she had a broken tibia (hind leg) and a crushed metatarsal (foot) joint. Ouch! We’re trying out a splint for a couple weeks in hopes that her leg can be saved, but the tibia had already started to fuse out of alignment.

Whatever the outcome for her leg, she’ll recover in the safety of a loving foster home and we’ll find her a great permanent home when the time is right. Please consider making a donation towards Brixie’s medical care.

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