Blossom loses her sight, but not her spirit

Blossom was born with a congenital defect called eyelid agenesis, where the eyelids don’t form properly. If caught in time, the defect can be repaired through surgery (Alyssa and Cress are great examples). Unfortunately, Blossom was out on her own, and her eyes dried out where the eyelids didn’t cover. The friction led to corneal ulcers and her eyes ruptured and became infected.


She was at death’s door when a good Samaritan brought her to VCA, but one of the vets took her home to nurse her back to health and foster her through ICRA. Blossom is blind, but she acts mostly like a normal kitten, running, playing, and purring. Once she’s a bit bigger, she’ll have surgery to remove what remains of her eyes. Then we’ll find her a great home.

Please consider making a donation to support the medical care of Blossom and other cats like her.