Arya rescued from a pipe after nearly two weeks

Our volunteer Ellen heard about a kitten trapped in a pipe and crying for help. For nearly two weeks, she went through a yard, over a fence, and through some brush to check on her, lowering food into the pipe, listening for the kitten, and trying to get her out.


She wasn’t hearing anything, and she figured the mama cat must have gotten her out, but she kept wondering and even woke up in the middle of the night, inclined to go over there.

She went by one afternoon, disheartened and tired from all the effort. Finally, she heard the kitten as soon as she go to the pipe. She was right below, looking up at her, and started screaming. Ellen grabbed the homemade little “trap” and lowered it down the rope. Incredibly, she climbed right in, ready for her ordeal to end.

Arya is now in the safety and comfort of a foster home, where she is pals with Blossom, and her foster mom and dad are working on socializing her to humans. She’ll be available for adoption soon.