Adopt Two Kittens Together

Here are seven good reasons to adopt two kittens together:

  1. One kitten can become lonely and bored, especially if the owners are out working or at school for a good portion of the day.
  2. Two kittens socialize each other. When they play rough they let each other know how much biting is too much. They learn what is acceptable play behavior and what is unacceptable aggressive behavior. When they have a playmate their age, they learn to be much better cats.
  3. Two kittens are less trouble than one. One lonely kitten gets into all kinds of mischief out of boredom. Two kittens keep each other entertained and out of trouble.
  4. It is great fun to watch two kittens play together.
  5. Kittens find comfort in each other – just watch them sleeping, curled together.
  6. Some adopt a kitten when they have an older cat with the thought that the older cat will more easily accept a kitten rather than another adult cat. Not necessarily so. One kitten can drive an older cat nuts; the kitten will want to constantly play and will pester the older cat until it becomes stressed.
  7. When you adopt two kittens, you save two lives. (When you adopt two from us together, the second cat is half the adoption fee.)

“Saving just one [cat] won’t change the world… but, surely, the world will change for that one [cat]…” – Unknown author