Sachi’s life comes full circle

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We are so excited for Sachi, finally, after nearly two years with ICRA, finding an indoor home of his own. And his life has come full circle…

Sachi and his brother, Boku, were born in a feral colony in Alameda and fixed as kittens during a trap-neuter-return project. Not long after, they found their way down the block to the yard of a loving woman who would become their guardian for the next six years. They rarely left her yard, where she provided them with shelter, warm beds, and daily food. Unfortunately, a couple years ago she was forced to move out of the home and in with her brother. He would not allow the outdoor cats to join her, only her elderly indoor cat. She was frantic to find a safe place for Sachi and Boku.

That’s where ICRA came in. We initially found a garden placement, but it turned out they were too well socialized for our garden cat program and needed extensive dental work. Boku was very friendly, and Sachi, while shy, was by no means feral. So the boys got their teeth fixed up and stayed in a foster home, where they had frequent visits from a number of our volunteers. Sachi would hide the first few times a visitor came, but by the fifth or sixth visit, he was suddenly your best friend. This won him many fans among our volunteers, but scared off potential adopters. More confident, Boku was adopted last year.

A few weeks ago Sachi’s former guardian got in touch about visiting him, after seeing he was still on our web site. She had recently moved into a new home with her boyfriend and wanted to adopt a cat again. Sachi was shy when she visited but she was pleased to still be able to pet him and understood that it might take him a while to adjust.

Well, Sachi went to his new home with his old guardian a few days ago. We have word that he is already coming when she shakes the food bag, curling up with her on the sofa to watch TV, and enjoying watching birds out the window. This is the great life he so dearly deserves, with the first human he learned to trust.

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